Tuesday, June 25, 2013

For the Love of the Trunk

I recently bought an old wooden footlocker at a garage sale that looked a lot like this one except someone had painted it brown over the original green.  I love wooden boxes. I have been looking for a footlocker, trunk or wooden box to put between the bookshelves in the man cave.  When I originally bought this box it was because the women running the garage sale was upset because she had not had any customers or made any sales.  I bought the box and once I had it home decided it needed to be painted red.  After it was painted red I decided it needed legs.  I went to Pinterest and looked a many trunks which had legs added.  These are a couple that inspired me.

I found a set of legs at my favorite thrift store and added them to the trunk.  I love it now and it is in the man cave and full of quilts to keep us warm when watching movies.
Finished and adorned with the cat!
Without the cat which is a rare sight at our house!

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