Monday, July 1, 2013

Another Drawer Redo

 This is the first drawer I bought at a Restore.  I have finished several drawer redos but this one I could not get the vision of what it wanted to be.  After a 3am Pinterest search I found some inspiration.
Buy Newark Multi Drawer Cubby from the Next UK online shopLabeled Cubby StorageThese beauties were the inspiration for what I finally did.  I am a true beginner and these were out of my comfort zone.  Maybe with some more experience I can create a masterpiece like these two.

I had a really difficult time getting the shelf level.  I measured, and measured and measured some more.  I finally got it level and attached.  I glued it in and then added small screws from each side.  That shelf is not moving.  I had originally planned on dividing each shelf perpendicularly.  I have to be honest I probably need some more practice before that happens.  I did not like how unfinished it looked at this point.
                                           It needed something else and since cubbies were
                                           out of my skill I added some trim.
                                         This is after the trim was added.  I like it much better now.
                                         I painted it white and then want to add a little extra color.
                                         The orange and white paper that is behind the shelves in the
                                         picture is just paper wrapped around foam board.  I like the
                                         look so much that I am thinking about making it permanent.
                                         I am going to hang it on the wall in the kitchen.  When I get it hung
                                         I will post more pictures.

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