Friday, July 19, 2013

Orange Bowl

This is a pedestal bowl that I made today.  Today was my second day at home.  I have been out of school for three weeks have been traveling.  For the last two days I have been home alone and feeling very creative.  Last night when I bought lemons it inspired me to make an orange bowl.  The reason I chose orange is that it will be good with summer colors but will transition so well into fall.
The pedestal came from a chair that I pulled out of the trash across the street.  I had it hidden in the attic for awhile because the garage was so full of junk.  I just knew I would use it when I was out of school and had more time.
I cut a piece of the leg and glued it to a base.  Then I searched until I found a wooden bowl I bought in March at Goodwill.
The bowl was a fifty cent find that I had been wanting to use.
Next came my two favorite things: my drill and glue.
Now I am ready for some afternoon lemonade. 


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