Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Late Summer Gardening

This is a quote from an old Southern Living Gardening Book that I first read not long after college:
Gardeners want lots of show for not much dough. That's why they should plant coleus. It costs little, grows quickly, and has the gaudiest foliage imaginable. It's equally happy in the ground or in a pot.
When I first read that I knew coleus was for me.  My current garden is a patio.  This spring I planted coleus and it was gorgeous. As the summer wore on and I traveled and was out of town for long periods of time my garden suffered.  I am home now and about to go back to work.  Today my "to do" list included cleaning the patio. I pruned the coleus first.  When I had a pile of beautiful coleus leaves at my feet I could not throw them away.  I needed a small "happy" for someone and decided a bunch of coleus would do the trick.
 I wrapped the jar in left over burlap from another project and tied it with tulle. I was happy with the look of it.Then I got to wondering if the coleus could be rooted in water. To answer this question I did a quick Google search and found out everything I ever wanted to know about coleus.
 http://www.growingthehomegarden.com/2008/08/coleus-cuttings-are-they-easiest.html is a site that has much information about coleus and how easy it is to propagate cuttings.

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